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Listing Title: YooMee (4G internet): high-speed wireless network in Cameroon based on Mobile WiMAX
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YooMee is a brand mark of 4G Cameroon, a Subsidiary of 4G Africa in Cameroon.

4G Africa is an innovative company, founded by a team of telecom entrepreneurs who have been actively involvedlogo4g in emerging countries for the last decade. Together they possess broad experience in establishing broadband wireless and mobile networks.

The company is focusing on target countries in Sub-Saharan Africa with the overall aim to reduce the digital divide.

The goal of 4G Africa is to offer a large variety of services using broadband wireless networks, based on the globally standardized 4G technology. Sub-Saharan Africa has one of the world’s fastest growing economies, yet lacking the proper copper infrastructure. Broadband penetration serves only 1% of the total population.

The services of 4G Africa are designed for both the residential and Small-to-Medium size enterprise markets. The product range of 4G Africa includes internet access, Voice over IP (VOIP), and hosting among other services. The network design will enable fix wireless connectivity for the home and office as well as provide mobile services to customers. Subscribers will not only benefit from extensive roaming within 4G Africa coverage areas, but will be able to utilize their 4G services when travelling throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America.

 Our Mission

At 4G Africa, our mission is to provide affordable, reliable and state-of-the-art internet access, voice communication and multi-media services to all people and businesses in sub-Saharan Africa. Our efforts and values aim to help close the digital divide.

What is 4G?

YooMee is building the fastest 4G network in Cameroon - and we keep expanding from city to city. YooMee 4G Internet is a high speed wireless access to the World Wide Web via Mobile WiMAX technology.

It provides the freedom to move within the network's coverage area, allowing for instant access anywhere.

What makes YooMee different?

All you have to do is experience the speed of 4G for yourself and you will know. It provides freedom to move within the network's coverage area, allowing for instant access anywhere.

What can I do with 4G?4g

4G gives you the bandwidth to do all those things that the previous technologies made so painful. The speed provided by the technology allows our customer to listen to online music, watch online videos with no delay, and download heavy files with no problem.

Why is YooMee’s 4G Faster?

Since we built the nation’s first 4G network, we have the coverage and capacity to deliver a super-fast version of 4G. It is like a freeway, the more lanes you have, the more traffic you can have moving at higher speeds. We have the widest breath of 4G spectrum, which means fast 4G speed unlimited usage at low cost.

Where can I use YooMee?

With YooMee , you have the connection you need and the freedom to move. Use it at home. Fire it up on the road. No more battling for bandwidth on insecure wi-fi hotspots. No more searching for coffee shops, just to find an Internet connection. No more paying for Web access at hotels. YooMee goes wherever you need it in your city. And our 4G network is arriving in more cities all the time.

Our Partners
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