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Listing Title: Waza National Park in Far North Province, Cameroon
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Waza National Park (French: Parc national de Waza) is a national park in Far North Province, Cameroon. It was founded in 1934, albeit as a hunting reserve, and covers a total of 1,700 km². The park became a National Park in 1968, and a UNESCO biosphere reserve in 1979. It is adjacent to the Chingurmi-Duguma sector of the Nigerian Chad Basin National Park.

The park is managed by the Conservation Service of the Waza National Park, part of the Cameroon Ministry of Environment and the Protection of Nature. In 1983, the park had a staff of twenty-five rangers; however, as of 2005, that number had dropped to seven, and poachers from Chad, Nigeria, and Cameroon itself were reported to have gone on a "rampage for the Park’s resources." Also in 2005 the Netherlands World Conservation Union Committee agreed to pay for an additional sixteen "eco-rangers" who would assist the regular ones.

Waza is home for lions and elephants and in particular for one of the last populations of the Western giraffe (G. c. peralta). Kob-antelopes have increased to 5000 in the 1990s since a strong decline in the 1980s. Other large ungulates are warthog, roan, red-fronted gazelle and korrigum. There are 379 species of birds in the park; among the birds that have been sighted are Marmaronetta angustirostris, Aythya nyroca, Aquila clanga, Falco naumanni, Neotis nuba, Ortyxelos meiffrenii, Ardeotis arabs, and Struthio camelus.

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