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Listing Title: 3T Cameroon: Transit, Transport, Stevedore and Handling, Consignment
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Transit: Our assistance consists of: Raising the Import Declaration, Negotiating the best freight ex-works from the supplier to Douala port, Following up of the embarkation and Conducting the customs clearance at the goods arrival

Transport : Our assistance consists of: Carriage of goods in containers and in conventional to the customer’s warehouse and Collecting of empty containers after unloading the goods

Stevedore & Handling: Our assistance consists of: Carrying out of the embarkation, the landing and the stowing operations, Carrying goods to the port or to the customer’s store, Receiving, recognizing, keeping and delivering the goods, Loading and unloading the cargo and Delivering the goods to the consignee or to the transport company

Consignment: Our assistance consists of: Talking care of the vessel since its entrance to the port, Indicating the platform (quay) station, Setting up of the towing and “lamanage” services, Collecting or delivering the goods and Organizing the loading and the unloading of the goods

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