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  • CamerPAGES reserves the right to decline a website which contains content involving hacking, cracking, warez, gambling, and pornography.
  • CamerPAGES does not refund any funds sent. If a payment has been sent to CamerPAGES, it is solely in CamerPAGES hand and we clearly reserve the right to decline any requested refunds.
  • If your website is not accepted, you will have the chance to exchange the website to one that is accepted.
  • You agree the website you are submitting is related to webmasters in someway. This may include technologoy to science genre.
  • CamerPAGES reserves the right to remove, move and cancel any subscriptions at any time, providing a prior notice has been sent via e-mail.
  • You understand that if you encounter any problems or have any queries which you want answered you may contact CamerPAGES using the contact form.
  • The banner placement has no contract. you may cancel the subscription at anytime using paypal service.
  • You must use proper spelling and grammar on your title. do not use inappropriate upper-case letters to attract visitors.
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