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Title : YOGAM-USA :USA Bayangam natives association
URL : http://www.yogam-usa.org/
Description :

YOGAM-USA is the USA Bayangam natives association, an autonomous, democratic, non-partisan, secular and not-for-profit socio-cultural association.YOGAM-USA is the Bayangam's ear, eye and voice among the YOGAM diaspora.
The goals of YOGAM-USA are as follows:
1. to unite all natives of Bayangam village in the United States;2. to promote brotherliness and solidarity within both the association and Byangam Village; 3. to implement programs that aim at fostering socio-cultural, economic and academic takeoff among the Bayangam in the U.S. and in Bayangam village; 4. to collaborate with organizations or associations sharing similar goals or interests; 5. to implement programs that may contribute to the welcoming, integration, and emergence of Yogam natives in the United States.

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