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William Kayo Cameroonean painter

Title:William Kayo Cameroonean painter »
Description:William KAYO was born on the 14th of june in 1968 in Garoua (Northern Cameroon). Very early, he gets interested in drawing. He went for a few time to the IFA (institute for artistic training) in Mbalmayo, he was able to improve his technics of Art, bringing him up to a personal research where the brightness of the colors illuminates suddenly his paintings in allegory of shades and tone harmony. The artist wants to be spontaneous, giving to his works a tiny reality palpable by the thought. He is a self-taught person which reflect a certain freedom in his ways of expressions. He goes throught his inspiration and offers us some breaks and some questions denouncing the incoherence of our society. His execution is full of dreams and full of symbols whith this obsessing presence of the Calabash, the object of his desires.
Category:Arts and Entertainment: Artists and Galleries
Date Added:March 10, 2009 12:07:01 AM
Address:33 rue Carnot
City:Suresnes, 92150
Zip Code:N/A
Phone Number:N/A
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