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Richard BONA is a Cameroonian jazz musician and bassist

Preview: Richard BONA is a Cameroonian jazz musician and bassist
Title:Richard BONA is a Cameroonian jazz musician and bassist »

Richard Bona's talent could come out. He grew up in a home filled with music: his grandfather and mother were singers. According to his mother, this little fellow had something special to to do with music. Soon he would build his own balafon and started to practice it eight to twelve hours a day.
At 5 years old, he began to perform in public, singing in the village church with his mother and sisters. He started to use his unbelievable, amazing and natural ability to learn any instrument only by watching it being played. The main problem was the difficulty to provide himself instruments in his village. So Richard not only got to know how to practice them, he also learned how to make his own! From wooden flutes to percussion instruments, he easily built everything he needed. Well, not that easily though. When it came to build a guitar he had some trouble to find guitar strings.

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