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DSX: Douala Stock Exchange Cameroon

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Title:DSX: Douala Stock Exchange Cameroon »

Douala Stock Exchange is the sole agent authorised to carry out stock exchange transactions and functions within the territory of the Republic of Cameroon . Its principal functions are: to Create, organise and manage the stock market; to Monitor and supervise the smooth running of negotiations on the stock market; to Administer the negotiation of negotiable public stocks and securities (OTZ) ; and Establish the rules which regulate:()Access to the market; Admission of listed stocks ; The organisation of transactions ;the Suspension of negotiations of one or several stocks ; the Recording and advertising of negotiations ; the Delivery of share certificates and settling of accounts ; the Custody of shares and the Invoicing and collection of commissions )

Category:Business and Economy: Financial Services
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Address:1450 Bd de la Liberté - Douala
Zip Code:P.O Box 442 Douala
Phone Number:Tel : 343-85-83 Fax : 343-85-84
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