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CPD: the Cameroonian Party of Democrats

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The Cameroonian Party of Democrats (CPD) acknowledges you for your visit and welcomes you on its web site. The Cameroonian Party of Democrats website is a forum where you can discover further information on political points of views, decision making and important programming ideas governing the Cameroonian Democrats. The Cameroonian Party of Democrats report of activities shall be updated regularly on this website.

The Cameroonian Party of Democrats Web site is not only a forum for information but equally a forum for training and instructing the youth, a forum where certain important texts of world history which have conditioned and still shaping the world nowadays, shall be re-actualized.

In 1950, our elders took references from the only world thinkers chosen from modern schools. On the Web site of the Cameroonian Party of Democrats, you shall listen under the media library section, the voices of famous Cameroonian such as UM NYOBE Ruben, Charles OKALA, Amadou AHIDJO, André Marie MBIDA and KEMAYOU Daniel. The sound library shall always be completing. We shall endeavour to regularly enrich and in an abundant manner, this site with various elements coming both from archive documents and current events capable of partaking to the edification of political consciousness to all those who ask to themselves if they can at their own level, bring a solution to the problems of all Cameroonians.

The best way of avoiding and preventing conflicts is to denounce them as soon as they are visible. We want to identify points of obstacle, bring to light the various problems capable of distorting the smooth functioning of our society. We wish to sit and think with you about political, economic and socio cultural solutions for our country and thus, bring right and effective answers for the interest of each and everyone.

We remain open to all your propositions, suggestions and critics. They shall allow improving our work both on this Web site and in our daily political activities on the field. This Web site shall be a forum of exchange and dialogue, a forum for sharing ideas and friendship between all the sons and daughters from Cameroon. We therefore invite all Cameroonians, Africans, men and women of good will and from all origins to join us on this site in order to animate it.

Louis-Tobie MBIDA

Chairman of the Cameroonian Party of Democrats

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