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CAMAIR-CO: Cameroon Airlines Corporation

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Camair-Co is a major expression of the will and the determination of the President of the Republic of Cameroon, His Excellency Paul BIYA, to endow our country with a reliable airline company and airport infrastructures with the international standards. So it is a viable that assures its departure.

Cameroon Airlines Corporation (Camair-Co) was created by presidential decree N° 2006/293 of September 11th, 2006. The company is placed under the technical supervision of the Ministry of Transport and under the financial supervision of the Ministry for Finance.

Camair-Co has as object for Cameroon and other countries:

  • The organization and the operations of the regular, additional or special air transports, the passengers, the goods or the post, by means of any aircrafts and by all other ways of ground or maritime transportation which could be necessary to assure the exploitation, the aforementioned services, and generally any current events of air transport;
  • The purchase, the chartering and the rent of any equipments and any stationery concerned to the operation of air services and to any activity of the air transport;
  • The signature of any agreements and the execution of any commercial and financial transactions useful for the realization of its business purpose;
  • And generally, all the commercial, industrial, movable, real estate and financial transactions which are connected directly or indirectly, in the missions defined above or likely to favor their development.
  • Implemented by the government, Camair-Co is the product of a fruitful partnership between the State of Cameroon and Lufthansa Consulting Group.

Consistently, the company associates the local and foreign skills to create a particular corporate culture, assures a performance of a quality service and the organizational efficiency. It is accompanied with technical and strategic partners such as Boeing for its fleet, Servair, Aerobrand... with whom Camair-Co is going to make its entrance to the sky.

Based in Douala, Camair-Co prides its self as National Airline Company of Cameroon and aspires to change the landscape of the air transport in Cameroon, in Africa and in the rest of the world. Camair-Co is the Star of Cameroon. It is the star which will make you rediscover the sky... 

Our values

  • Integrity - We will act honestly, transparent and ethically in the way we conduct business.
  • Commitment - We will be committed to providing the highest standards of safety, security, reliable operational performance and customer service. We will provide our employees with a fulfilling and rewarding environment and the opportunity to develop through high standards of training.
  • Dignity and Respect - We will treat all our customers and colleagues with dignity and respect.
  • Diversity and Equality - We will value diversity and strive to ensure equality of opportunity.
  • Creativity and Innovation - We will listen to our stakeholders, customers, team members, and work collaboratively and in partnership to deliver innovative services.
  • Financial Obligation / Duty / Commitment - We will grow profitably and strive to provide industry leading shareholder value.

Vision Statement

“The airline of choice for Cameroonian and International travelers, by offering safety, reliability & connectivity accompanied by unwavering service quality, competitive pricing and sustained profitability”

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Date Added:June 09, 2011 04:24:19 PM
Address:Immeuble La Rotonde- Boulevard de la liberté - Douala
Zip Code:BP 4852
Phone Number:TEL: (00237) 33422010 / 33422013
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