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Bandjoun Station Barthélémy Toguo

Title:Bandjoun Station Barthélémy Toguo »

This artistic adventure is constructed around two separate buildings: a museum/art center on three storeys (25 m high) and the living space on four levels (22 m high), held up by solid pillars of reinforced concrete. At the top of the structure is a gable, 11 metres high and covered by a structure in the form of a double pyramid, which, with its tapered roof, echoes the centuries’ old local architectural tradition. In order to avoid rainwater damage the walls are covered with mosaics, whose designs are drawn from images from my own graphic universe. A wall of mirrored glass, reflecting the blue of the sky, protects the art within from sunlight and adds a discreet elegance, a transparent touch of modernity, to the building. The building work took place over two years, between 2005 and 2007.

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