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AES SONEL: Electricity generation, transmission and distribution system across Cameroon

Preview: AES SONEL: Electricity generation, transmission and distribution system across Cameroon
Title:AES SONEL: Electricity generation, transmission and distribution system across Cameroon »

AES SONEL provides power to the country of Cameroon. As an integrated utility, it both generates power and distributes it to over 571,000 customers in the country.
Since AES acquired the company in 2001, AES SONEL has steadily improved and expanded the electricity generation, transmission and distribution system across Cameroon. As part of these efforts, AES SONEL recently announced plans to expand its electricity network, more than doubling the number of people it serves over the next 15 years and extending its network to previously unserved parts of the country. The company expects to add approximately 750,000 new electricity connections throughout the country by 2021 by adding approximately 50,000 new electricity connections each year over the next 15 years.
The company also plans to upgrade its existing transmission, distribution and generation facilities. The improvements are part of an amended concession agreement AES SONEL reached with the Government of Cameroon in December 2006. The company secured a $340 million (€260 million) financing package—one of the largest ever provided to a privatized utility in sub-Saharan Africa—to finance a majority of these system improvements.
In 2004, AES SONEL constructed an 85 MW thermal power plant, called Limbé, to decrease the country’s traditional dependence on hydroelectric power. Limbé has increased available generating capacity in the dry season by approximately 20%. As a result of AES SONEL’s efforts, Cameroon’s growing economy now enjoys a whole new level of service reliability—and more of its people from every walk of life can reap the benefits of steady electric power.

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