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MANYAKA S.A.R.L:Cameroon-based Information Technology

MANYAKA S.A.R.L:Cameroon-based Information Technology

MANYAKA is a Cameroon-based (West-Central Africa) Information Technology start-up created in October 2010, with the objective of providing professional Internet solutions at affordable price for African businesses.

We target SME/SMI whoose core activity is not IT, but rely on IT to run their business. This include but is not limited to Education, Governement, Banks, Microfinances, Associations, Agencies, Professionnal cabinets, Health professional, retail Stores, Offices and Home computing. The profile of such businesses may vary from small companies that do not have or do not need an internal IT resources, to bigger companies that are willing to reduce their IT budget but not their productivity.

Our expertise covers main areas of corporate IT functions, with focus on Web development, Cloud computing, Open-source integration, professional IT trainnings and IT Outsourcing to name a few.

We are essentially customer centric and don't spare a single effort to keep you doing your business only.

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