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Cameroonian association of engineers and computer scientist

Cameroonian association of engineers and computer scientist

The “Cameroonian association of engineers and computer scientists” mostly known as VKII (German contracted denomination) was founded in 2000 at Frankfurt. Prior to its creation, the increasing number of engineers and computer science students from this part of Africa which lives in Germany desired to establish an association which could help to improve their status in German universities as minor community.
The association represents the everlasting burning desire to achieve success in a competitive society and improve the quality of life for Cameroonians. The VKII is recognized by the German law as non-profit, non-political and a civil organization. It was built up from the grassroots to relieve the difficulties that students, alumni as well as technicians encounter in their various professions. Furthermore, the association promotes Excellency within the community. For e.g. recently the best graduates of the year have just been rewarded for their contribution by way of their master thesis. By doing so, various talents of the community are known, motivated and empowered.

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