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Afri Gaz Caneroun

Afri Gaz Caneroun

Active Zones of Africa Incorporated is a subsidiary of AZA LLC (Active Zones of America LLC) an American based company, formed in June 2003 in Lafayette, Louisiana.
AZA Inc. is a leading company in the Propane/Butane distribution buiness in Cameroon distributing the AFRIGAZ Brand, gas bottles and accessories. It operates exclusively in Cameroon and does not have the expansive ambition that the parent company has. We operate professionally in the design, maintenance and improvement of all gas facilities. We import or manufacture all the equipment used in our business but moreover, we develop solutions for Restaurnts, Hotels, Frarms, and some Villas-house.
In Cameroon like in every central African country in which we establish, we operate under the commercial binding of OHADA, but maintain our status with our parent company.

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Comment On Jul-01-2010 by Taseh
The raison d'etre of your company is very nice for the CEMAC Zone and I thing you need to expand the company to the neighbouring countries like Gabon, Congo and Central Africa.Your products are good but the amount of gas still fluctuates from one gas jar to the next.I thing you need an automatic filling system.
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